The myth of rational atheism

As more and more people tick the ‘no religion’ box on the census or go on the record as atheist, public expressions of religion – especially conservative religion – have come under increasing pressure for suppression or outright abolition. This fashionable atheism and anti-religion has arisen hand in hand with a rejection of the idea... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with Tim Farron’s liberalism?

Tim Farron, erstwhile leader of the Liberal Democrats and evangelical Christian, last week set out his vision of a liberal society and politics rooted in Christian political ideals. Delivering the 2017 annual Theos lecture entitled ‘What kind of liberal society do we want?’ he casts a vision of a society in which every person is ‘free... Continue Reading →

Why are progressives so anti-freedom?

It is increasingly clear with each passing year that public life has been colonised by the zealots of a progressive creed of equality and diversity. It is a continuously evolving creed and you have to keep up. Fifteen years ago it was racist (or even fascist) to bring up the topic of immigration, and common... Continue Reading →

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