Conservatives are not relativists: Yoram Hazony’s ‘Conservative Democracy’ reviewed

Yarom Hazony, leading conservative thinker and author of The Virtue of Nationalism, has recently been at large promoting a form of conservatism that appears to embrace relativism. Dubbing his view Conservative Democracy, Hazony characterises this conservatism as rejecting the following three ‘liberal axioms’: Universally valid human reason, such that ’by reasoning, [human individuals] are able to... Continue Reading →

Roger Scruton on how to be a true conservative

Conservative political philosopher Roger Scruton tells in Conservatism: An Invitation to The Great Tradition, published last June, how modern conservatism arose during the Enlightenment as a ‘qualification’ of classical liberalism, accepting the freedom-oriented state but stressing the importance of inherited culture and customs in forging the conditions of freedom. In the book (which incidentally is a... Continue Reading →

Bishops stand firm on trans baptism services

The Church of England has responded to criticism about its controversial new guidance on using affirmation of baptism services to mark gender transition. William Nye, writing on behalf of the House of Bishops as its secretary, explains that: ‘The guidance makes no change to the Church’s teaching.’ He adds that the guidance ‘commends and encourages... Continue Reading →

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