Jordan Peterson and the secularist assault on freedom

Commenting on the recent rescinding of his invitation to lecture at Cambridge, Jordan Peterson observes of our Western culture: ‘We are becoming unmoored, because we no longer share the structure these [ancient biblical] stories undergird. This is psychologically destabilising. It’s producing a pathological and desperate nihilism that is increasingly common and, at the same time, a pronounced... Continue Reading →

Why banning ‘conversion therapy’ is more dangerous than you think

Labour MP and longstanding LGBT activist Geraint Davies has published a backbench bill to ban ‘conversion therapy’ in the UK. So-called conversion therapy – also called reparative therapy or sexual reorientation therapy – is therapy designed to change one’s sexual orientation from homosexual (or other) to heterosexual. The bill does not have the support of the government so... Continue Reading →

When will they admit that sex with children is wrong?

The Conservative Woman has commented here and here on the extraordinary evidence given by David Steel to the Inquiry into Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse linked to Westminster; on his confession that he did nothing about Cyril Smith, in spite of ‘assuming’ his guilt in relation to offences concerning young boys, and later recommended him for a knighthood. It is deeply shocking,... Continue Reading →

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