Why the West needs more babies

Recently I attended a conference where one of the speakers, a young woman, told us that she, like a number of her friends, was choosing not to have children because of the impact on the environment. Aside from this declaration being irrelevant to her topic (I wondered why she felt a need to signal her... Continue Reading →

The purge of the conservatives

One day Stagecoach were sponsoring the Turner Prize, the next day they weren’t. Why did the prestigious arts award eschew the generous offer of money from the transport company? Because the chairman of Stagecoach’s parent company, Sir Brian Souter, is a conservative who has recently been active in opposing LGBT teaching in schools. He also... Continue Reading →

Cambridge’s self-flagellation misses the point: Britain didn’t invent slavery but it did abolish it

The University of Cambridge has been in the news this week having launched an academic investigation into its historical relationship with the slave trade. The project will examine whether the University profited from ‘the Atlantic slave trade and other forms of coerced labour during the colonial era’. The intention, presumably, will be to follow Glasgow... Continue Reading →

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