Equality and Human Rights Commission threatens parents protesting LGBT promotion in schools

David Isaac, chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has said that his commission is ready to use its legal powers to protect the teaching of LGBT issues in the face of opposition from faith groups.

Describing the commission as a ‘strategic regulator,’ he explained: ‘We can’t support absolutely everybody, but we will take cases where we think it moves the law forward to protect human rights.’

His comments come as protests by mostly Muslim parents continue at several Birmingham schools and others around the country. Last week Birmingham City Council closed one of the schools, Anderton Park primary school, early for half term.

The decision was criticised sharply by local MP Jess Phillips who said it was contrary to the Equality Act and a response to the actions of ‘bullies and bigots’ – an extraordinary way to describe parents protesting against their children being taught things contrary to their faith.

Speaking to the Observer, Isaac expressed concern that identity politics in the UK has gone ‘too far’ and is ‘undermining empathy’ among the population. Certainly Phillips appears to have zero empathy for the ‘bullies and bigots’ she demonises merely for trying to raise their children in their faith.

But this does not appear to be the lack of empathy Isaac has in mind. Rather the opposite. It is the Muslims parents who are lacking empathy, it seems, by failing to show sufficient concern for LGBT people. And Isaac is prepared to use the full force of his commission’s legal powers to make them more empathetic – which he will do in a fulsome spirit of empathy, of course.

Describing himself as ‘a gay man, who’s been very involved in the LGBT movement,’ Isaac says that while ‘identity politics have been hugely important historically,’ all this school protesting business suggests that ‘identity politics has gone too far.’

It is not hard to read between the lines here to see the real message being conveyed. Identity politics was great for advancing the LGBT agenda, Isaac seems to be saying, but now that religious people want to use it to oppose that agenda it has gone ‘too far’. My identity politics is good, yours needs to be banned.

Despite being all too ready to step in with the coercive power of the state to put down social conservatives who dare protest, Isaac shows a staggering lack of awareness of the issues in this debate. He says it is ‘completely possible to teach the tenets of your faith in school, but at the same time say “that child over there has two mothers”. We are asking them to respect somebody else’s lifestyle choice or desire to love someone of the same sex.’

But Isaac should know that education in LGBT issues goes well beyond merely telling children that a child has ‘two mothers’ (and explaining how on earth that can come about). It also includes teaching children about the ins and outs of same-sex relationships, sometimes in graphic detail, and teaching children to accept and endorse them – including being encouraged to consider them for themselves.

Isaac says that the protests are ‘probably making some headteachers nervous about their commitment to teaching about minority [same-sex] families.’ He says that his job is to ‘remind people that the law is the bottom line.’

But what law is he referring to? There is no law against protesting – though we have seen in the case of abortion that progressives are all too willing to create one. And the right of parents to ensure their children are taught in line with their religious or philosophical convictions is enshrined in international treaties and domestic law.

Progressives like Isaac and Phillips claim that teaching LGBT issues is required by the Equality Act, but in fact the Equality Act is clear that it does not apply to teaching in schools.

Furthermore, the law recognises that education in sexual ethics is particularly sensitive, which is why there are parental rights to withdraw children from it. It is true that the new RSE regulations downgrade this right at secondary level, and muddy the whole area with ill-defined ‘relationships education’, but still the uniquely controversial nature of the subject matter is reflected in the special provisions in the law.

Isaac’s high-handed attempt to crush the objections and concerns of parents only shows the intolerant turn that progressive ideology has taken.

In the end, the arguments being pushed by progressives like Isaac don’t stack up ethically or legally, and we wait to see what happens when these things finally come to court.

In the meantime, parents need to keep up the pressure on schools as it is clearly having an impact and getting progressives worried, which is why they are escalating their threats. More people also need to join in with the demonstrations so it does not get defined and dismissed as only a Muslim issue, when in reality it affects all of us.

With LGBT ideologues like David Isaac in key positions and with their fingers on powerful legal triggers, the battle for our freedom looks set to get nasty in the coming years.

First published on Rebel Priest.


One thought on “Equality and Human Rights Commission threatens parents protesting LGBT promotion in schools

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  1. I am 100% tolerant of everything, except having something rammed down my throat and I do feel LGBT is rammed down our throat. Just get on with your lives, we get it. Imagine how different this story would be if it were Christians and not Muslims causing the fuss? Hardly surprising most of the parents were Muslim – it is in Birmingham after all !!! However I do 100% agree with them . Fair play!!!! I agree with those Muslim parents. Lgbt should not be on a primary school curriculum. They have a point – they shouldn’t be forcing this on children. He should concentrate on teaching the things parents expect their children to be learning not pushing his own agenda on infants. Let them reach an age where they can make their own decisions. Sounds to me like the headmaster is a trouble causer. Resigned from a previous school regarding this same issue. How sad it is that anyone who stands up for traditional values is immediately subject to vilification. I don’t mind others living their lives as they wish, but I object to being told that I have to support them. This is ridiculous , all the school needs to do is tell the children treat others no matter who they are as you would like to be treated yourself, no need go into sexuality especially at this age, all it will lead to is giggling and maybe even bullying of other kids, let kids be kids

    A lot of decent British teachers have left teaching because it’s rife with liberal lefty lunatics like the deluded head of this school. Muppet the headteacher must resign. good on our Christian brother standing with Muslims against this ridiculous indoctrination of children, you are right. Excellent work by the Muslims and the Christians side by side. Teaching sodomy to 4 year olds is disgusting. Right thinking people across the spectrum reject this perverted filth. Sex Education is usually taught best when parents have been involved in policy making, when they know what resources and approaches are taken and when age appropriate programmes are implemented. It can be such a positive experience for the whole school community. Sadly, many don’t get this option. There is a useful book called “Faith, Values and Sex Education” which is recommended reading for teachers but many don’t have access to good SRE training sadly. I agree with the parents the children can learn about sexual preference later in life if they want to, let children be children teach them about economics maths and English so they can get decent jobs

    The corruption of impressionable young minds in their informative years is a disgrace – it is a violation of the child and of the natural physiology and purpose of humankind – if an “adult“ chooses to diversify from what nature intended for them that is their “choice” – a child’s mind is vulnerable and has limited capacity to contextualise information – therefore what this teacher and others like him are doing is a violation of the children in their care, an utter disrespect for their parents and the nature of religion which was always to guide Humankind to a higher existence than the “animal kingdom“ – the much broader effect of this is the grooming of children to disrespect their parents, disrespect the moral values of their religion, become easy targets for all manner of sexual exploitation in their adolescent years if not earlier and eventually become active participants in Satanic ritual if their life path follows that course eg masonic ritual!!! Let children be children stop with all this until they are old enough to learn for themselves .

    Virginia has an age-appropriate “family life” program that starts in grade school & continues through middle school. Every family is informed ahead of time what subjects will be covered–not just puberty, sex, & diversity but also drugs, bullying, & a number of other subjects. All parents have the choice to opt out, & another activity is already in place for these kids. Sounds like this school could really benefit from a common sense solution like this. As it’s young children were talking about I think the parents have every right to opt out if they don’t have the right to opt-out where is The freedom this isn’t freedom if you’re forced. It’s not the schools charter to promote lifestyles under some misguided “acceptance” motive. I’m pro human rights. I’m not pro teaching children to be drag queens. If that’s narrow minded so be it.

    I don’t care what a person does in their private life, but under NO circumstances do they have the right to propagandize for their choices to other people’s children against parent’s wishes. They don’t need to be taught anything specific about LGBT. As long as they are just teaching the children to be tolerant and accepting of other people’s differences then I don’t see an issue, the real problem comes when the teaching becomes preaching. My son is 20 and his generation don’t care if you are straight, gay, trans, to them it is just part of life. Many schools these days seem to intent on ‘raising consciousness’ of all the lifestyle options that are out there. But are the kids any happier? I’m sure that a vigorous re-focusing on the ‘Three Rs’ would set them up far better for the lives they have ahead of them. I’m all for schools teaching children about sex and relationships, whether they be heterosexual or same sex. But not at primary school age. This is nothing more than a liberal political agenda, and one that Mr Moffatt is no doubt personally invested in. The parents are absolute right to be outraged over this, regardless of their religious beliefs. Too young for this whatever faith. Just let them be kids before the world ruins them.



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