Ventilators aren’t the answer – save just 1 in 10 coronavirus patients, data shows

It’s all about the ventilators, right? That’s what they’ve been saying. The reason we’re decimating the economy and in totalitarian lockdown is so there are enough ventilators to go round when we hit peak demand. That’s why we have to flatten the curve, suppress the virus and all that: so that more lives can be saved because more of the seriously afflicted will have access to respiratory equipment when they need it.

So this is devastating. A life support specialist, Matt Strauss, writing in the Spectator this week explains that ventilators barely help, since preliminary data now shows that as many as 90 per cent of Covid-19 patients who go on life support die anyway. That’s right, ventilators only save 1 in 10 of those who are put on them. This means that for all the immense cost and effort we have gone to to ensure as many as possible have access to a ventilator if they need it, almost all of them die in any event.

‘”More ventilators” does not seem like the game-changer we seek,’ says Strauss, a critical care physician and assistant professor of medicine in Canada. ‘As a life support specialist, myself, I am greatly chagrined to admit this.’

It might seem scary to think that if you get the virus a ventilator is unlikely to help you. It’s worth remembering though that only the most serious cases require a ventilator. The vast majority are mild enough not to need any medical intervention.

How many? That’s the big question right now. While the high death tolls in Italy and Spain have driven panic about the virus’s advance, the evidence continues to mount that its true mortality rate is much closer to that of flu (around 0.1 per cent) and that many more have already had it than current reported figures show. The discrepancy comes because the number of cases reported depends on how many are tested and who is tested, while the number of deaths reported includes all those who die with the virus but not necessarily of the virus. In Italy, for example, all who die are tested and added to the coronavirus tally if they die with the virus. But many of those will not have died of the virus, and indeed it’s now been shown that only 12 per cent of reported ‘coronavirus deaths’ in the country actually had Covid-19 recorded on their death certificate as a direct cause of death.

So how widespread is it? According to a new study from Oxford University published this week more than half of the UK may already have been infected and the virus may have been circulating in the UK since mid-January, a month before the first reported cases. A separate study from Italy suggests that the majority of those infected show no symptoms, supporting earlier findings from the Diamond Princess cruise ship outbreak.

The chorus of medical experts taking up this theme and saying that the emperor has no clothes swells by the day.

Italian virologist Giulio Tarro has said that the mortality rate of Covid-19 is below 1 per cent even in Italy and is therefore comparable to flu. The higher values only arise, he says, because no distinction is made between deaths with and by Covid-19 and because the number of symptom-free infected persons is greatly underestimated.

German immunologist and toxicologist, Professor Stefan Hockertz, explains that Covid-19 is no more dangerous than flu, but that it is simply observed much more closely. He also notes that most so-called ‘corona deaths’ have in fact died of other causes while also testing positive for coronaviruses. Hockertz believes that up to ten times more people than reported already had Covid-19 but noticed nothing or very little.

Argentinian virologist and biochemist Pablo Goldschmidt explains that Covid-19 is no more dangerous than a bad cold or the flu. It is even possible, he suggests, that the Covid-19 virus circulated already in earlier years, but wasn’t discovered because no one was looking for it.

Even the authors of the Imperial College report that spooked the UK government into taking firmer action have now said that the peak of the epidemic may be just 2-3 weeks away and have drastically dialled down their predicted death toll. They credit the government’s actions as flattening the curve, but international evidence suggests that government action has little impact on the spread or severity of the virus in a country. Countries like Sweden and Japan that have taken relatively little action have not seen big outbreaks, while countries like Italy that have gone into lockdown have suffered badly. South Korea took moderate (though well-targeted) action and saw great success.

Sweden has pursued a more liberal strategy than most, based on two principles: high risk groups being protected and people with flu symptoms staying at home. Chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says, ‘If you follow these two rules, there is no need for further measures, the effect of which is only marginal anyway.’ Social and economic life continue normally, he says, and the big rush to hospitals has so far failed to materialise.

There are many mysteries still with this virus, many of which we hope will be solved in the coming months so we can be better prepared and protected in the future. But for now, it’s time to admit that the current strategy of locking everything down and sacrificing the economy in order to make sure everyone can have a ventilator if they need it is a dud, a huge expensive lemon. Ventilators only help 1 in 10 of the people who need them, and the deadliness of the disease appears to have been grossly overstated. We’ve sold the farm and ended up with precious little to show for it. Time to reverse.

5 thoughts on “Ventilators aren’t the answer – save just 1 in 10 coronavirus patients, data shows

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  1. So, in Italy, if somebody gets run over by a bus, their mortal remains are tested for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 and, if it found, their death is added to the total of COVID-19 deaths? Really?


  2. Thank you for your brilliant posts. Bless you. All over the world governments are starting to become controlling. They all run of the same scripts, given to them by the luciferian banksters who have lend them all the money. Who’s in control, follow the money.


  3. Not everyone in Sweden agrees with their chief epidemiologist:

    “But expert opinion has been divided. As early as March 10, a group of doctors and researchers wrote a joint opinion piece in Sweden’s leading medical newspaper warning of a potential “disastrous impact” on Sweden’s health service if tougher actions were not taken.
    On Tuesday, more than 2,000 eminent Swedish researchers and university professors sent an open letter to the government calling for tougher measures.
    “I get the feeling that they want to spread the infection to get an immunity, but it’s pretty cynical because it will be at the price of hundreds, if not thousands of lives,” said Olle Kämpe, a professor at Sweden’s leading medical university the Karolinska Institutet, who was among the authors.”


  4. I think none of us would be wise to bet the house on how any aspect of the Covid-19 situation is going to pan out.

    There’s no question that the average lay-person whose main source of information is the MSM is effectively the victim of propaganda which even a few rudimentary sums on a calculator can show is unbalanced and hyperbolic.

    The biggest problem thus far is the lack of testing in order to gain a clear picture of infection spread. Surely, by now, there must be sufficient scope to do this by relatively small population sampling across the UK to gain a pretty accurate picture of what proportion of people are already carrying antibodies for the virus? I should have thought such a priority outweighs almost all else apart from supplying adequate PPE to all NHS staff – something which also should have been done long ago.

    As for the economy, the damage has now been done. Pulling it back will certainly be a task requiring an immense amount of work, very astute judgement calls and a level of competence which is hard to discern in our politicians and civil service.

    If those of us who have been sceptical about much (but not all) of what has been done turn out to have been more or less right about the over reaction and the wrong policy priorities, we can be sure our views will be swamped beneath many buckets of establishment whitewash.

    For now I think we have no alternative to supporting the 3 week lockdown. In our data free ignorance the only course left is to keep spread to a minimum; given that the economic die has now been cast there’s nothing to lose by making the lockdown as effective as possible. But reports of power seizing by the police are already giving very worrying hints of how much has been transferred, unopposed, from people to governing authorities without a shot being fired. And that may turn out to be the most dangerous thing of all.



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