Is the ‘second wave’ threat a myth?

With the government now threatening the maintenance of social distancing measures for the rest of the year to minimise the ‘second wave’ of coronavirus which could be worse than the first, the question is whether this second wave is more than a spectre. It has become abundantly clear that the limited number of scientists and... Continue Reading →

Why can’t populists be Christians?

I do not intend to defend everything every populist leader has ever said or done. All leaders are flawed and many, populist or otherwise, do things that I, like others, would regard as authoritarian and immoral. The question though is not whether every action by a populist leader can be defended – it would be... Continue Reading →

The withdrawal of a grotesque sex education programme shows the difference Christian public witness still makes

Some rare good news on the culture wars front. Warwickshire County Council have ditched their controversial Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) programme 'All About Me' after a threat of legal action from the Christian Institute. The programme came to national notoriety last September when one family shared their concerns with the press about their two small children being taught the 'rules... Continue Reading →

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