Norway leads the way out of lockdown

Norway has become the first country to break ranks with the lockdown zealot consensus, releasing an official government report declaring lockdown to be unnecessary to end the coronavirus epidemic. Here’s a key excerpt: ‘It looks as if the effective reproduction rate had already dropped to around 1.1 when the most comprehensive measures were implemented on... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Central questions that demand answers

One third of Stockholm’s population will have coronavirus antibodies by early May, and half by the middle of June. These were the predictions of the Swedish health authorities based on their mathematical models. Yet official survey results released this week revealed that only 7.3 per cent of Stockholmers had developed antibodies in late April. Tom Britton, a maths... Continue Reading →

Social distancing – the case against

Social distancing, even when voluntary and though less oppressive than enforced stay-at-home lockdown, remains extremely costly in terms of economic activity and productivity, basic liberties and health outcomes. This is why the question of whether it really helps prevent or slow the spread of the coronavirus is in urgent need of examination. Most people tend to assume it does. Indeed,... Continue Reading →

When will our leaders wake up to reality?

How long will it take our political masters, do you think, to admit the lockdown was a colossal over-reaction? What level of evidence will such an admission require? Will they ever accept it or will they always find a weasel way of claiming it was somehow worth it, no matter the scale of economic devastation?... Continue Reading →

Has social distancing made much difference after all?

Does social distancing stop a Covid-19 epidemic? It seems pretty obvious to most people that the answer is yes, and many experts including those sceptical of lockdowns see voluntary social distancing as the real key to bringing outbreaks under control and preventing a deadly second wave (see for example here and here). The difficulty in testing this... Continue Reading →

Lockdown: Look at the facts, Prime Minister

So there it is. It’s going to be a long slow easing of lockdown as the government tries to suppress the virus to as low a level as possible before using testing and tracking to try to keep it contained. These latter are the standard infection control containment methods which, along with quarantine and travel restrictions,... Continue Reading →

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