Abortion: what on earth is going on?

I feel I need to apologise to readers for my failure to write on abortion lately given everything that’s been going on. This was partly because I was too miffed at the underhand and anti-democratic way the abortion lobby was carrying on (and to make things worse, largely getting away with it), and partly because it was being so well covered by others that I didn’t feel I had much to add.

However, I thought readers might appreciate an overview of some of the most informative and incisive articles I’ve spotted documenting the recent shenanigans and outrages, so here it is.

First of all, here’s Anthony McCarthy at MercatorNet with an outline of what’s been going down https://mercatornet.com/domestic-abuse-becomes-a-political-football-in-uk-abortion-debate/64480/:

‘In late March in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Government suddenly decided, without debate or scrutiny, to allow home abortions for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. This despite a government minister having said days before, “We believe that it is an essential safeguard that a woman attends a clinic, to ensure that she has an opportunity to be seen alone and to ensure that there are no issues.”

‘On Monday night (July 6), the UK’s House of Commons voted through the final Commons stage of the much-discussed Domestic Abuse Bill. Earlier, MPs keen to push for liberalisation of abortion had put forward amendments designed to decriminalise abortion before 28 weeks and also to make “home abortions” legal where domestic abuse was claimed.

‘Only the latter amendment was allowed to be debated, much to the disappointment of those who sought decriminalisation. Evidently fearing that this amendment would not be passed, Diana Johnson MP withdrew it after hearing the debate in the House. There will now be an inquiry into the issue of home abortion, and what has been learnt on this subject over the past few months.

These Parliamentary machinations come in the wake of the recent imposition of an extreme abortion regime on Northern Ireland, where abortion was previously illegal, by an unscrupulous Westminster Parliament: https://anglicanmainstream.org/mps-vote-to-approve-northern-ireland-abortion-regulations/.

They also come in the context of a record number of abortions in England and Wales in 2019: https://righttolife.org.uk/news/press-release-abortion-numbers-highest-ever-for-english-and-welsh-residents-latest-statistics-show/.

Tim Dieppe from Christian Concern has the disturbing detail about the reality of the ‘emergency’ DIY abortion rules that are now in place for an indefinite period as a consultation on them is carried out (aren’t consultations on controversial innovations supposed to occur before changes are made?): https://christianconcern.com/comment/diy-abortion-doublespeak/

‘A nationwide investigation led by Kevin Duffy [former director of abortion provider Marie Stopes International], and commissioned by Christian Concern found that leading abortion providers are putting women at risk by  failing to carry out the most basic checks when prescribing abortion tablets over the phone. ‘Mystery clients’ were able to obtain abortion pills using false names, false GP registrations, false dates of birth, and false gestational dates. In one case the ‘client’ gave a date that could only have led to an abortion beyond the 10-week gestational limit for home abortions. The callers were interrupted and rushed through the process – a process that is wide open to abuse, enabling people to obtain tablets for abused or under-age women, as well as for pregnancies beyond the gestational limit.’

‘Archbishop Cranmer’ has an excellent post on the deafening silence of Christian leaders on the issue: ‘No Bishops have raised any concern – in Parliament or on Twitter. There have been a few questions from MPs, but these followed the High Court challenge brought by Christian Concern.’ https://archbishopcranmer.com/diy-abortions-why-is-the-concern-left-to-christian-concern/

David Robertson at Christian Today takes up the same important theme https://www.christiantoday.com/article/if.you.take.a.stand.for.the.unborn.prepare.yourself.for.a.lot.of.abuse/135177.htm:

‘One of the worst things for Christians who seek to take a biblical stance for the protection of the weakest and most vulnerable members in our society, is that so many Christian leaders are silent. Whilst the Roman Catholic church, FIEC and the Evangelical Alliance are strong in their stance for the unborn, most of the other mainstream denominations and organisations are silent. The Church of England bishops, for example, threatened to withdraw co-operation from the UK government, not because of the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland – no, that went past with hardly a whimper, and indeed several bishops abstained on the issue when it came to the House of Lords – but they were furious because of the Dominic Cummings issue. It seems a strange set of priorities.’

Paul Goodman on ConservativeHome highlights the track record of what he, rightly, calls ‘surely the most social liberal Conservative government in history’ https://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2020/07/this-is-the-most-socially-liberal-conservative-government-in-history.html:

‘For evidence, we give you: those divorce law changes, which remove fault from our legal framework and make divorce automatic if a party to a marriage says it has broken down.  The decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland – leaving that part of the United Kingdom with some of the most permissive laws in the world. Immigration? Boris Johnson has just committed to a pathway to citizenship for three million Hong Kongers. The rainbow flag flies above government buildings; it decorated the Prime Minister’s Twitter account for a month. To be sure, it is taking a more restrictive position on trans. But the trans debate is sui generis

‘Whatever you think of all these changes and policies, they add up to a body of socially liberal change bigger than that of any Tory government to date. Which is as one would expect from one led by Boris Johnson – social liberal as he is to his fingertips. He may be clad in the right, white and blue of Brexit, but he is brandishing the rainbow flag.’

Lastly, Andrew Symes of Anglican Mainstream reviews a helpful and informative but non-judgemental new resource for people facing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating termination: Pregnancy and Abortion: A practical guide for making decisions, see https://anglicanmainstream.org/pregnancy-and-abortion-review-of-a-new-resource/.

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    A major pro-life campaign to abolish the Abortion (1967) Act in Britain has been formally launched in Scotland. The Abort Abortion Campaign is aimed at lawmakers in the corridors of power at Holyrood, Westminster, Stormont and the Senedd.
    In presenting all 929 British politicians – 129 in Edinburgh, 650 in London, 90 in Belfast and 60 in Cardiff – formally and publicly for the first time, with unambiguous, and alarming, factual evidence that abortion is conclusively the killing of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb, legislators are urged to urgently begin the process of repealing the Abortion (1967) Act with immediate effect.



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