Why calls for yet more Covid lockdowns are so wrong

A large rise in coronavirus ‘cases’ over the past week, especially in the north of England, has led to calls for new nationwide restrictions. The Times reported: ‘Surging coronavirus infection rates have put Britain on the brink of tougher lockdown measures, overshadowing Boris Johnson’s attempt yesterday to focus on life after the pandemic’ and that the Government’s scientific advisers have called for... Continue Reading →

Immunity and the secret of Sweden’s success

As Sweden comes in from the cold, with its scientific advisers being granted audiences with governments around the world and Dorit Nitzan, the WHO’s regional emergency director for Europe, saying the country can ‘provide lessons for the global community’, attention has turned to the secret of its success. Kim Sneppen, professor of biocomplexity at the Niels Bohr Institute... Continue Reading →

Johnson isn’t listening to the right scientists

Is Britain really seeing the beginnings of a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus? Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, has his doubts. A rare voice of reason throughout the madness of the last six months, Professor Heneghan has done the analysis which appears to be beyond the ken of government scientists... Continue Reading →

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