When will they admit that sex with children is wrong?

The Conservative Woman has commented here and here on the extraordinary evidence given by David Steel to the Inquiry into Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse linked to Westminster; on his confession that he did nothing about Cyril Smith, in spite of ‘assuming’ his guilt in relation to offences concerning young boys, and later recommended him for a knighthood. It is deeply shocking,... Continue Reading →

Conservatives are not relativists: Yoram Hazony’s ‘Conservative Democracy’ reviewed

Yarom Hazony, leading conservative thinker and author of The Virtue of Nationalism, has recently been at large promoting a form of conservatism that appears to embrace relativism. Dubbing his view Conservative Democracy, Hazony characterises this conservatism as rejecting the following three ‘liberal axioms’: Universally valid human reason, such that ’by reasoning, [human individuals] are able to... Continue Reading →

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