The Archbishop of Woke slanders his own flock

How didn’t we guess till the Archbishop of Canterbury told us? The Church of England is ‘deeply, institutionally’ racist, according to the Most Revd Justin Welby. I wonder how all the curates, vicars, lay preachers, Sunday school teachers, vergers, churchwardens and other active members of the C of E’s congregations felt about his smearing of... Continue Reading →

This insane Human Rights Act must go

Human rights strike again. It was reported last week that a couple accused of murdering their adopted son in India to get his life insurance payout will not be extradited from Britain because it would breach their human rights.  Although Britain’s chief magistrate ruled there is ‘strong evidence’ to convict Arti Dhir and her husband... Continue Reading →

Boris must bin this insane migration plan

If Boris Johnson accepts the recommendations of the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), published on Tuesday, he is frankly insane. A clear recipe for driving further rises in already unsustainable immigration levels, this would be catastrophic for his support among his new working-class voter base. The headlines are these: no overall cap on migrants, lower salary... Continue Reading →

What an actually conservative government would do now

Just before Christmas, the new Conservative majority government announced a legislative programme which, according to PM Boris Johnson, is ‘the most radical Queen’s Speech in a generation’.  I’m not sure radical and conservative really belong together, being political opposites. Indeed, while the legislative programme may be radical, there is little conservative about it.  There is the... Continue Reading →

Transgenderism’s denial of biology started with same-sex marriage

Another month, another illiberal ruling from a scientifically illiterate judge declaring that belief in biology is "not worthy of respect in a democratic society". The case of Maya Forstater, sacked for questioning on social media the government's proposals for gender self-identification, follows the case in October of Dr David Mackereth, who lost his government consulting job because... Continue Reading →

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