Why are progressives so anti-freedom?

It is increasingly clear with each passing year that public life has been colonised by the zealots of a progressive creed of equality and diversity. It is a continuously evolving creed and you have to keep up. Fifteen years ago it was racist (or even fascist) to bring up the topic of immigration, and common... Continue Reading →

Did God use evolution to create humanity?

This is a little to the side of politics, I appreciate, but having recently reviewed a book on the topic for Christianity and science organisation ISCAST I thought I would post it here for the interest of readers. Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation?: Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos, Edited by Kenneth Keathley, J B Stump... Continue Reading →

Why I oppose same-sex marriage

I realise of course that this is somewhat late, since it is now four years since the UK passed legislation to permit the marriage of same-sex couples. However, the debate is still very much live in the church, including in the Church of England, while issues around the interaction between equalities legislation and the protection... Continue Reading →

Does Christianity make us weak?

Over the summer European conservatives gathered in Germany to discuss the question, How to be a European? R R Reno, editor of American journal First Things, attended and reported on the proceedings. Summarising what he heard, he relayed some unfavourable views circulating amongst participants on the role Christianity has supposedly played in weakening Europe: Europe... Continue Reading →

Is it wrong to be an extremist?

Barely a day goes by at the moment without some mention of extremism in the news. The government has a counter-extremism strategy, Prevent, Ofsted are busy assessing schools on their extremism and their commitment to British values, and there is an extremism commission in the offing to look at how the government can do more... Continue Reading →

The Christian case for ‘austerity’

The surprisingly close defeat suffered by Jeremy Corbyn in the recent election, and his subsequent boost in the polls, has triggered a wave of doubt amongst defenders of sound public finances. Cabinet Ministers such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have been pushing for a relaxation of the 1% public sector pay cap, and even... Continue Reading →

What’s God’s vision for government?

We live at a crucial moment for Western civilisation. A century of decadence and declining engagement with the historic Christian religion has left a culture hollowed out. Family breakdown is rife and producing its poisonous fruit across society. The birth rate is at an all-time low and beneath the rate of replacement, leaving populations ageing... Continue Reading →

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