Jesus was no Marxist

You’ve got to hand it to him. Anyone else and 100 million deaths as a result of attempting to implement your ideas would consign you to the gulag of history. But not dogged old Karl Marx, whose ideas just keep on resurfacing no matter how many human lives are sacrificed in the cause of showing... Continue Reading →

Testing the Limits of Diversity

This is a response to Pete Mulherin and Simon Kennedy’s article in POLICY magazine about the importance of voluntary associations for a healthy liberal democracy. It was first published here by the Australian-based Institute for Civil Society. Peter Mulherin and Simon Kennedy raise a number of critical issues in their timely piece 'Archipelago or Landmass?: Voluntary Associations, Civil... Continue Reading →

The myth of rational atheism

As more and more people tick the ‘no religion’ box on the census or go on the record as atheist, public expressions of religion – especially conservative religion – have come under increasing pressure for suppression or outright abolition. This fashionable atheism and anti-religion has arisen hand in hand with a rejection of the idea... Continue Reading →

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