Lockdown: Look at the facts, Prime Minister

So there it is. It’s going to be a long slow easing of lockdown as the government tries to suppress the virus to as low a level as possible before using testing and tracking to try to keep it contained. These latter are the standard infection control containment methods which, along with quarantine and travel restrictions,... Continue Reading →

Is the ‘second wave’ threat a myth?

With the government now threatening the maintenance of social distancing measures for the rest of the year to minimise the ‘second wave’ of coronavirus which could be worse than the first, the question is whether this second wave is more than a spectre. It has become abundantly clear that the limited number of scientists and... Continue Reading →

Why can’t populists be Christians?

I do not intend to defend everything every populist leader has ever said or done. All leaders are flawed and many, populist or otherwise, do things that I, like others, would regard as authoritarian and immoral. The question though is not whether every action by a populist leader can be defended – it would be... Continue Reading →

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