Is there ‘systemic racism’ in Britain?

Systemic racism, according to those who campaign against it, is the disadvantage experienced by ethnic minorities on account of the bias, conscious and subconscious, that some people, particularly from the ethnic majority, have in respect of them. Even though racial discrimination in most contexts is unlawful, it still happens, and the impact falls largely on... Continue Reading →

Imperial strikes again: the sloppy science that would doom us to eternal lockdown

Two new studies have been published – including one from Imperial College, London – saying lockdowns have worked against coronavirus and it’ll be catastrophic to lift them. Yet the Imperial model (as before) ‘assumes that changes in the reproduction number are an immediate response to interventions rather than gradual changes in behaviour'. So the authors assume their thesis.... Continue Reading →

Norway leads the way out of lockdown

Norway has become the first country to break ranks with the lockdown zealot consensus, releasing an official government report declaring lockdown to be unnecessary to end the coronavirus epidemic. Here’s a key excerpt: ‘It looks as if the effective reproduction rate had already dropped to around 1.1 when the most comprehensive measures were implemented on... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: Central questions that demand answers

One third of Stockholm’s population will have coronavirus antibodies by early May, and half by the middle of June. These were the predictions of the Swedish health authorities based on their mathematical models. Yet official survey results released this week revealed that only 7.3 per cent of Stockholmers had developed antibodies in late April. Tom Britton, a maths... Continue Reading →

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