‘End of nations’ globaloney is Marxist mythology, not biblical theology

A rare moment of globalist candour from Labour MP Paul Sweeney, who declared this week that ‘all countries should be abolished.’ Tweeting in support of shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s statement that Labour would not block a second Scottish independence referendum, the MP for Glasgow North East explained that ‘the long term goal is to build international co-dependence... Continue Reading →

Without children, the future holds no hope

Official figures released this week show that England and Wales are now experiencing their lowest birth rates since records began 80 years ago. The Daily Mail quotes Conservative Woman’s Kathy Gyngell saying it heralds a ‘long-term decline in numbers of babies’ and is a ‘social disaster’. She’s not wrong. Birth rates have been in long term decline since the... Continue Reading →

No, London Zoo, your penguins are not ‘gay’

The Evening Standard reports that London Zoo is holding a Pride weekend to celebrate that it has several ‘gay’ Humboldt penguin couples. The celebrations feature a banner with the slogan, ‘Some penguins are gay, get over it,’ based on the Stonewall campaign from a few years back. But are these penguins really ‘gay’? Certainly many penguins partner with the... Continue Reading →

How Leftists turned the Internet into a no-go zone for conservatives

Discrimination against conservatives and traditionalist Christians is becoming increasingly normal and acceptable amongst our elite and institutions. Under a rubric of opposing ‘hate’ and ‘discrimination’ (for which read ‘conservative’ and ‘traditional morality’), institutions and online platforms are clamping down hard on the expression of views outside of progressive Leftism favoured by our political and cultural... Continue Reading →

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